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Varietal: Chardonnay
Region: Hemel-en-Aarde, RSA
Winemaker: Natasha Williams

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Natasha Williams
About the winemaker

Natasha Williams is the visionary winemaker behind Lelie van Saron wines. Natasha began studying as a microbiologist, before realising her true passion for winemaking, and switching to a degree in Oenology. Natasha's wines are a blend of science, nature and culture.

Natasha has worked as a winemaker at the Bosman Family Vineyards since 2014. But she also wanted to make something that tells her own story and the story of her wine journey as it relates to her, her lifestyle and her culture. That’s why her wine label is called ‘Lelie van Saron’ ~ an Afrikaans phrase. Lily, the flower represents purity and humility. It speaks to her approach of wine-making. Saraon is paying tribute to where she comes from - which she believes you always need to know in order to know where you’re going.

Natasha’s wines are a testament to her philosophy ~ a wine should be an authentic expression of its origin, a reflection of the variety, and a celebration of minimal intervention. At the heart of her craft lies a commitment to education and a belief in the power of wine to transcend cultures and connect communities.

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