Our Story.

Ever heard of Famelia?

Probably not. It’s new.
Very new actually.
Yes. It’s quite similar to what it
sounds like. But better.
It’s got an ‘e’ in it.

Ever heard of Amelia?
You might have. She’s not new.
Been around for a while as the
owner of The Book Kitchen,
and more recently as
Your Personal Sommelier.
See, you’ve heard of her.

For those who don’t know Amelia;

She educates and empowers budding wine drinkers to feel confident and self-assured in their wine preferences.

Quite a mouthful hey?

But there’s more.

She works very closely with couples getting married, to carefully curate the best possible wine for them and their wedding guests.

A personal wine selection paired to reflect the couples' essence.

Deeply invested in the relationship, helping them understand their own palate.

She listens.

She listens to the bride.
She listens to the groom.
She listens to them both.
And then.

She listens a bit more.
That’s Amelia’s superpower.

You may kiss the bride and enjoy your wine. Finally.

So, these couples become fans.
They keep coming back for the personal wine subscription boxes and are now friends.

And the couples’ friends who get married a year later become friends.
The groom’s second cousins become close friends.
The band covering Taylor Swift at Angela’s wedding are friends too.

Father David.
Father John.
Charlie’s best man.
Aunts & uncles.

All part of the family. Amelia’s family.

This large group of empowered wine drinkers deserves a place to gather and enjoy the wine they love. A wine bar & bottle shop that feels like a family home.

It’s new.
Very new actually.
With a very appropriate name,
it’s got an ‘e’ in it.

To all the budding wine drinkers not too familiar with their palate yet. Please come in. Drink with us and meet your palate.


Your Wine Bar & Bottle Shop.
Meet Your Palate.