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2021 Domaine Johanna Cécillon ‘Cidre Divona’

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Type: Cider
Made: Bretagne, FR
Cider-maker: Johanna Cécillon

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Johanna Cécillon
About the Cider maker

Johanna Cécillon's family have been cider makers for generations. In 2011, Johanna and her husband, Louis, purchased 8 hectares of apple orchards.

Johanna’s cider making philosophy is a unique fusion of age-old traditions and modern techniques. She has a deep respect for nature and is committed to its preservation. Her orchard trees are interspersed with grass strips to promote biodiversity, and she refrains from using pesticides or insecticides. The fruits are handpicked from October to December, ensuring they are at their ripest.

The fermentation process is carried out in vats, and the blending is done in barrels, using native yeasts. The cider is bottled at the end of April, without the addition of sulfur, and is neither carbonated nor pasteurized.

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