2023 Smallfry 'Eclectik Violet' Grenache Cinsault

2023 Smallfry 'Eclectik Violet' Grenache Cinsault

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Varietal: Grenache Cinsault
Region: Vine Vale (Barossa Valley), SA
Winemakers: Suzi Hilder + Wayne Ahrens

This wine is a playful and vibrant expression of Grenache and Cinsault, two grape varieties that thrive in the warm and dry climate of the Barossa Valley. Minimal intervention and natural fermentation assist in producing a wine that is fresh, fruity, and fun. With aromas and flavours of dark cherries, blood plums, and herbs, the wine has a smooth texture and a savoury finish.

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Suzi Hilder + Wayne Ahrens
About the Winemakers

Suzi Hilder and Wayne Ahrens are the creative minds behind Smallfry Wines, a certified organic and biodynamic winery in the Barossa Valley. They are viticulturists who turned into winemakers, driven by their passion for creating wines that reflect the terroir and diversity of the region. They use small batch processes and minimal intervention to showcase the unique characters and flavours of their vineyards.

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