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2023 Aristotelis Ke Anthoula 'White-ish' Fiano

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Varietal: Fiano
Region: Riverland, SA
Winemakers: Mads Park-Neilson + Tony Zafirakos

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Mads Park-Neilson + Tony Zafirakos
About the Winemakers

At the heart of Aristotelis Ke Anthoula’s winemaking philosophy lies a couple whose love for natural, unadulterated wine is as deep as their roots. Maddison Park-Neilson, with her background in biomedical engineering and hospitality, brings a meticulous approach to the craft, ensuring each bottle is a pure expression of the terroir. Her partner, Tony Zafirakos, infuses the winery with the rich winemaking heritage of his Greek parents, Aristotelis and Anthoula, who began their journey in a humble Sydney garage.

Together, they have cultivated a winery that honours the past while embracing the future. Their wines, ranging from skinsy whites to juicy reds, are a testament to their commitment to quality and authenticity. With no additives or heavy manipulation, their creations are a slice of the village in every bottle – vibrant, alive, and steeped in the Mediterranean tradition.

Joining forces in 2020, Maddison and Tony have seen Aristotelis Ke Anthoula flourish, earning accolades for their high-quality natural wines. Their shared vision for sustainability and innovation continues to shape their journey, as they bring the essence of coastal Australia to wine lovers everywhere.

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