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2022 Casa D'Ambra Ischia Bianco

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Varietal: Forastera, Biancolella
Region: Ille de Ischia, IT
Winemaker: Sara D'Ambra

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Sara D'Ambra
About the winemaker

Sara D’Ambra is a fourth generation winemaker of Casa D’Ambra, a winery of historical significance established in 1888. Along with her sister Marina, Sara upholds the family legacy that was started by their great-grandfather, Francesco D’Ambra.

Born and brought up on the Island of Ischia, Sara's life has been intertwined with the tradition of winemaking. The island, referred to as Enaria or ‘the land of wines’ during the Roman era, has been home to vine cultivation since 700 BC. Today, Sara, an enologist, perpetuates this age-old tradition, producing wines that echo the island’s distinctive terroir.

Under Sara’s skilled stewardship, Casa D’Ambra is celebrated for its dedication to conserving local grape varieties such as Biancolella, Forastera, and Uvarilla. This commitment to authenticity and excellence has garnered Casa D’Ambra numerous accolades and positioned it as one of the leading wine producers in Ischia.

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