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2023 Wildflower 'St Florence' Riesling Wild Ale

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Varietal: Riesling Wild Ale
Region: Canberra, ACT
Made: Marrickville, NSW
Winemakers: Jocelyn + Bryan Martin
Brewer: Topher Boehm

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Jocelyn + Bryan Martin
About the Winemakers

Jocelyn and Bryan Martin embarked on their winemaking journey in 2001, establishing Ravensworth Wines in the Canberra District’s Murrumbateman region. They have cultivated a vineyard that reflects the unique terroir of their location.

For Jocelyn and Bryan, it’s all about connection – to the earth, to the vines, and to the community. The Martins believe in the gentle touch, allowing nature’s microflora to work its magic. Their commitment to low-intervention winemaking and their use of diverse fermentation techniques, including ceramic ‘eggs’ and solids fermentation, contribute to the distinctive style of Ravensworth Wines. They are known for their aromatic profiles, moderate alcohol content, and soft tannins, aiming to highlight fragrance, texture, and drinkability.

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